4 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs - Home Based Business Opportunities - Make Money Online

Times are hard.  Job security is low.  And everywhere we see the impact of an economic recession that shows no sign of improving.  In this situation, can you risk your financial future at the hands of an uncaring employer?  Or are you better off looking for legitimate work from home jobs?
There are many home based business opportunities that can allow you the comfort and convenience of staying at home while ensuring that you earn a good monthly income.  Legitimate work from home jobs are not rare or hard to find, but they do require that you get out of a “get rich quick” mentality while seeking home based business opportunities to pursue.

4 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs - Home Based Business Opportunities - Make Money Online

In the United States, a new home business is launched every eleven seconds.  Nearly 36 million home offices exist around the country.  And while most of them are home based businesses owned by individuals or small teams, there are many instances where even employees of bigger organizations do 80% of their work from home.  An estimate puts the collective value of these home based businesses at $430 billion – a figure higher than the combined revenues of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford.
If you’re convinced that a home based business opportunity may suit you, it’s time to start looking for legitimate work from home jobs.  Here are four popular categories that have provided financial security to millions of people like you.
  • Data Entry Jobs:
    If you have a computer, an Internet connection and some keyboard skills, you can perform data entry jobs.  These jobs are popular because they are simple and only require an ability to follow instructions.  Very little creativity or initiative is needed.  You will be told exactly what to do.  And while you will be paid lesser than for creative work, you’ll find data entry jobs very easy to find because there are so many of them available.
  • Writing Jobs:
    Writing for the Web is a booming industry.  There are many different kinds of writing jobs, and broadly they can be grouped into basic level article writing and the more advanced tasks of ghostwriting books or copy writing for sales letters.  You will require good writing skills to qualify for these jobs.  They pay well and the advanced copy writing and ghostwriting ones can even make you rich in time.
  • Proofreading Jobs:
    Another job you can do from home is proofreading.  There is an incredible demand for proofreaders online.  That’s because there are many content providers who are looking for people to check and edit their content for spelling, grammar and syntax errors before it is published.  You must have a reasonably good grasp of language, grammar and spelling, as well as an eye for detail, in order to qualify for these jobs.
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs
    Another legitimate work from home job is that of a virtual assistant.  With the backlash against outsourcing jobs abroad, many U.S. companies are now hiring home-based call center workers to handle these tasks.  You may not be paid higher than $8 an hour in the beginning.  But once things get going, you may become quite busy and earn a reasonable income.
There are many other online home based business opportunities you can explore such as starting a Web business, online auctions, mystery shopping, taking surveys and doing small projects (‘piece work’) online.  All of them come with significant advantages such as giving you the flexibility to work from home and on a schedule that’s convenient to you.
In an environment of financial uncertainty and job insecurity, it may be safer to take control of your income and career by exploring home based business opportunities.  Three years from the time they are launched, 70% of home-based businesses are still up and running, while fewer than 30% of other kinds of business start-ups are still alive.
There are some key elements to keep in mind while seeking these opportunities.  Look close to home for the best ones.  Those jobs that can be done remotely from anywhere in the country will usually have much more competition and are harder to find and retain.  Also, you shouldn’t expect to make a fortune from these jobs.  In fact, any job advertisement that promises quick and easy riches is an almost certain indicator of a scam.  The real world doesn’t work that way, and you shouldn’t expect a legitimate work from home job to be any different.
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